1. Monobi style department is based in Prato, Italy, in a green and natural area in the heart of Tuscany and it is in this place that creative minds design the sketches of Vancouver Parka (see map)

2. Vancouver Parka is realized with a fabric that takes origin from the cotton fibre, which is grown in the plantations of the Chinese XinJiang province and it is carefully picked to produce the yarn with which the garment will be realized (see map)

3. The cotton is then yarned in Anqing by our Chinese partner who boasts one of the most modern and highly automatized spinning mills in the world with nearly 500.000 fuses and automated robots which cross the whole factory to transport the worked material (see map)

4. Still in Anqing, the weaving takes place in an extremely modern plant, with 2700 frames in simultaneous action, which can work also the thinnest yarn

5. The fabric is ready to be shipped in containers by sea to the Livorno harbour to finally arrive at our factory in Prato

6. Back in Beste, the quality control takes place and, during this step, the fabric is meticulously inspected meter by meter by our staff that makes sure to remove any defective part

7. Once the quality check is over, all the preparation processes, dyeing and finishing are performed in our production plant in Colle, Prato (see map)

8. Still in our lab in Prato, the last assembly processes take place: from the fabric cutting to the sealing, from the downing to the welming, up to the ironing and final checks

9.Vancouver Parka is finally ready to be worn