Viroblock NPJ03© by HeiQ is an antibacterial and antiviral technology that drastically reduces the contamination of materials and stops the transmission of microbes and germs. The antimicrobial efficacy of the fabric powered by Viroblock is determined by ISO 18184:2019 test. Viroblock is US FIFRA/EPA and REACH registered, in line with all the American and European laws on the chemical products that represent the reference to the international standards. The treatment complies also with EU BPR, JP MITI, KB K-BPR and OEKOTEX STANDARD 100.

NPJ03 Viroblock treatment keeps its efficacy up to 10 washes and it can be reactivated how many times you want. With the MONOBI recharge, you can easily reactivate the treatment at home in your washing machine.