8-H Beanie
Navy Blue

€ 90 EUR

The perfect accessory for every autumn or winter, embellished by a recycled and warm cashmere fiber with Monobi WHOLEGARMENT three-dimensional waving technology. The 8-H Beanie easily adapts to every head shape.

Product Details:

  • Developed on 8” fineness machine


RE-CACHEMIRE: The latest generation technology involved in the production of this garment is that of the WHOLEGARMENT®. Each change of stitch is the result of a work process that develops seamlessly, as an outcome of a three-dimensional weaving. The result is a classic and clean crew neck sweatshirt, without any thickness, seam or sense of annoyance. The structure of the sleeves and the sides is different from that of the torso, in order to facilitate the ergonomic movements of the body.

MAIN FABRIC: 97% recycled cashmere, 3% recycled wool


Hand wash. No spin dryer. Do not bleach. Dry flat. Cool iron. Dry clean with hydrocarbons only.

For further questions regarding the care of your garment write to shop@monobistudio.com.

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