The contemporary innovations have provoked its death or better, a progressive and inevitable marginalization: in the new digital era, the role of the artisan seems to disappear in a black hole. Nevertheless, the three dimensional reality has proved to be very persistent also in front of the strong digital and technological impact. Nowadays we are able to understand that “anyone who carries out an activity ( even an artistic one) for the production ( or the reparation) of goods, through his own manual labour job or that of a few number of workers” represents the basement of all the contest of our society, even the technological one. Manual labour and a strong know-how thanks to a long lasting experience but also the sensitivity , the talent and a genetic preparation make up the basis of any production: in the art form and in architecture, in literature and in medicine, in the information technology and in genetic studies. Even though working in series has an important economical advantage, it isn’t able to face the diversity of people and of high quality products. Those products belong to a new kind of handcrafted art, able to make use of the hands and technology at the same time. This combination of handmade work and employment of technologies emerges in the music world, where technicians and engineers of the sound work with music notes in the same meticulous way as a medieval artisan. This can be associated to MONOBI products because they combine handcrafted work, high performance and a strong techno manufacturing structure.


Practical, modular, suitable for any occasion, not only for the climatic ones. This garment is in its whole suitable for cold winter. Once it has been lightened without the inner part, the result is a raincoat with an orthodox structure and with enviable performances. When it is worn by itself, the removable down jacket, is a perfect mate both for travelling and working.

Materials: the fabric of the outside garment is a diagonal stretch in a mixture of wool and nylon, made with a three layer framework. The external layer, a waterproof and breathable membrane in the downside and a thin synthetic jersey on the backside. The removable vest has been realized with a nylon small stretch taffeta of just 59 grams for square metre. The down as padding is 90/10 with 800 cuin of fill power.

Composition: outside 55%WV, 28% PA, 15%PL, 2%EA. Removable internal part: 88%PA, 12% EA.

Performance: the elasticity of both internal and external materials, make the garment more comfortable. Its manufactured techniques and the employment of a waterproof and breathable membrane, make it protective against water and wind: all the seams are thermo taped. Wide parts are bonded. The down makes the garment protective against cold winter.

Meet Claudio and Jose’. Sound Engineers. A passion for the beauty of sound.

On their music curricula as sound engineers, artists like Aurora Orchestra, Imogen Heap, The Libertines, Dinos Chapman, Amen Dunes, Jungle, Shura, Phalmuter, B&W and other upcoming and unsigned equally great artists.

Both agree that for this kind of job, a university degree is not as important as working on the field as much as you possibly can to improve your skills and learn onsite.

The pair met in London while working for the same sound agency in London. They worked together at parties, showcases, corporate events.

In the meanwhile, Jose’ started his collaboration with Jacob Collier, one of the world’s most distinctive, inventive and prodigious young musicians of today’s music scene.

One day Jose’ had the big London Premiere with Jacob, Claudio asked him if he could come to give him a hand.

After that show, the sound engineer that was touring with Jose’ started his own tour mixing monitors for the Shires and obviously and Claudio was the best person to bring on board. As they like to say, the rest is history.

Jose’ takes care of everything that is going to be experienced by the audience. He places the mixer in the middle of the theatre or concert all to experiment the same the audience does as well as what the artist hears.

Claudio is his hands, eyes and hears on stage. He makes sure that everything is perfectly set up on stage for Jacob and he monitors the artist’s in ear mix that Jose’ controls.

Their biggest challenge?

To allow Jacob to transmit his energy, ideas and song to the audience by delivering the sound in the purest way they can. He is an amazing artist and sometimes it’s difficult to deliver a transparent show without influencing the sound with your personal vision of it.

They have been on tour with Jacob for one year and six months now, always moving around cities from a gig to another.

This means being always on the road, not enough hours of sleep, long time away from family and friends and not enough time to visit the cities they touch with Jacob’s tour as much as they’d like.

This also means an incredibly rewarding job, delivering sound and enabling an amazing music experience to audiences all over the world and incredible memories.

Meet Claudio and Jose’. Sound engineers. The new Monobi team.