The Monobi FW 18/19 collection is articulated in 6 homogeneous packages of outerwear that, by function, technology, style and usability are imagined as mini capsules. collection there are different models, to meet different needs: MAC, down jackets, parkas, bomber jackets, blazers with openings in other types of products. There are light garments, for the intermediate seasons, light padded, heat-sealed and made with Airflake, a padding.

The innovation of AirFlake, the biomimetic padding: Japanese technology, Italian style A part of the duvets are made with a padding in AirFlake, an innovative Japanese material very performing, resistant to water, with great thermal capacity. Thanks to AirFlake the quilt “change to” This material can also be used with vertical stitching, giving a special stylistic touch to the product that makes the collection of Monobi upholstery truly unique.

One of the stylistic choices of the new collection is the use of reflective. Are proposed fabrics with reflective threads, which create color contrasts that give a particular brightness to the garments. Also in the collection are several garments with reflective applications, which also have the practical functionality of making visible the Monobi man in the urban junle.