Repair Program

Wear it, repair it, extending the lifespan of your wardrobe!

There’s a common phrase “The most sustainable garments are the ones already in your closet.” But what happens when those clothes, your investment, your representation of who you are to the world become damaged?
Do you discard them contributing to the 9 trillion tons of apparel waste accumulated annually?
Do you donate them, where there is a 1% chance they don’t end up in the landfill anyway?
Or do you reinvest in your wardrobe extending its life and contributing to a circular and sustainable economy?

Our Repair Program

This is where our Repair Program can help with all your MONOBI garments. Whether you want to tackle a missing button or feel more comfortable with a professional repairing your MONOBI garment the Repair Program is here to help.

How can I make a do-it-yourself repair?

Click the Durability and Repairability tab where you can find helpful tutorials created by our team to help you at home. Step-by-step tutorials to mend a button, replace a damaged drawstring, or even a broken zipper.

Our professionals for your repairs

If you prefer to have one of our professionals take care of your garment repair, this is the procedure:
  • Scanning the NFC tag, located on each of your MONOBI garments with your phone grants you access to the Digital Product Passport, and within you will find the unique code of the garment.
  • Entering the code into the form found at the bottom of the Durability and Repairability page for your repair request.
  • Your MONOBI garments can be sent to our headquarters here in Italy where our talented seamstresses will repair your MONOBI garment and have it returned to you good as new and ready to be worn again.

Curious to learn more? Check out our Repair Program HERE!