Contemporary, urban and technical. This is MONOBI clothing and this the style of the man who wears it

An active man who looks for clean lines and functionality for his everyday wear. MONOBI garments distinguish for the perfect union between practicality and design

From outerwear to pants, from t-shirts to knitwear until accessories. Everything made following the latest technologies from the fashion industry and with innovative and performing fabrics, water repellent, waterproof, windproof, but still breathable and thermal

Functionality and design bumps together into Monobi garments. Jackets, coats, pants, t-shirts, sweaters and accessories with clean lines, performing fabrics and designed with great attention to details

Our garments are thought to satisfy the needs of an active man who doesn’t want to give up comfort in his daily life, even in an urban context

Monobi’s challenge is exactly this: to apply on urban garments the technologies typical of garments with more technical purposes, which are not only stylistically refined but with an extremely marked functionality

The advanced manufacturing techniques ensure that MONOBI products are made with millimetric precision and putting great attention to details. Those are the strengths of the brand which was born in Beste, in a green area in the heart of Tuscany

Behind Monobi there is an entire industrial structure able to technically support the project both from an organizational and manufacturing perspective.

Monobi doesn’t exclusively translate in a determined aesthetical vision of its items created by subtraction rather than addition of details, but also in a unique factory organizational model able to control all the steps of product creation and bring products to life from yarn to finished garment in just 650 meters 



From yarn to finished garment in 650 meters, where the whole production cycle extends, MONOBI pieces are laser cut and assembled trough the ultrasounds and sealing machines constantly under the eye and the careful hands of the Italian know-how

It is in this way that a unique and high quality product is born

To support its high-tech features, Monobi required Beste, the company that owns the brand and author of the project, to adapt its manufacturing model in order to meet the brand requirements

The latest laser, ultrasonic and gluing machines join the tradition of the experience and the agility of the human hand to create a unique and high quality product