Living the present to design the future

From the power of ideas, through the use of certified high-quality fabrics, to the realization of clean lined garments crammed with Italian style, culture and craftsmanship.



Material innovation, details functionality, design essentiality are the key features of MONOBI clothes, the made in Italy brand committed to certified sustainability and complete traceability. Designed to be functional, every garment is fitted out with details responding to any urban daily need: from an embryonic idea, combined with a continuous research and development process of the possible options of fabrics and yarns, to the creation of prototypes and then to its transformation into something new. The outcome is an overcome of seasonality and trendiness, garments with colors and styles that convey the meaning of everlasting clothes definitively defeating the concept of fast fashion.



MONOBI is the perfect integration between textile research and the production of fabrics and finished garments, influenced by the old Italian craftsmanship tradition. The fully integrated supply chain and made in Italy manufacturing are key to MONOBI quality and sustainability credentials. A textile production process that starts from greige fabric preparation and arrives up to the knitting and tailoring of the finished garment, ensuring the reliability and sustainability of the system. It is the verticality of the production cycle of less than 20km surrounded by the greenery of the Tuscan Apennines, which distinguishes the reliability of our garments when compared to other brand ones. The outcome takes the shape of the best made in Italy garments bringing a NFC tag outside, recognition point of any MONOBI product and conclusive proof through which any person may discover the whole product journey, as well as information about composition and care, durability and reparability, recycling and reusability.            



The home and creative heart of MONOBI is at once a physical place open to contamination and a space-laboratory where fabrics take on new shapes, as well as the place where the integration between textiles and clothing happens. An old 3.300 sqm ex woolen mill located nearby the centre of Prato has been completely renovated through a conservatory intervention, becoming home to the new headquarters of MONOBI. The manufacturing of each garment takes entirely place inside MONOBI internal laboratories, ensuring a quality driven approach on each piece of the collection. Made by people means in fact “made of people”, everyday working with the aim of creating unique high-quality pieces. The careful attention each garment is treated with attests the endless workmanship of expertly crafted tailors, as well as the technicity of any person involved into the making process. Guided by the careful work of expert passionate hands, the fabrics are transformed into garments expressing design and functionality, concentrating style and technology, in exceptional balance between quality and sustainability.