Track Your Future collection continues

Discover the features of the new garments

Our garments created for spring summer follow the success and pillars of the garments designed for the winter season: made to perfection by skilled passionate hands, distinguished by a daily extra-ordinariness, characterized by complete traceability and made of organic certified raw materials. It’s time to make space for the garments of Track Your Future collection.

Model wearing white cargo trousers and dark grey vests

Artfully made

Our philosophy is simple: by putting the Italian savoir-faire of skilled passionate hands at the forefront, we give life to creations made with care and attention to detail. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and to the experience of every person that daily takes part to this creation process, we ensure that each piece is not only beautiful to wear, but also long term durable.

Textile worker at a knitting machine

Daily extra-Ordinariness

From classic cuts to contemporary silhouettes, each garment is designed to perfectly fit into everyday life. Characterized by timeless and trend-free style, our collection is everlasting and suitable for every day of the year.

The model is in a wooden frame and wears a blue shirt and green cotton trousers

Full traceability

Any MONOBI garment is provided with our NFC TAG, key element of our Track Your Future collection. Thanks to the NFC technology, it is possible to access the Digital Product Passport (DPP) by simply scanning the TAG on the garment by any mobile device, thus discovering every single step of its production process: from the raw material to the finished garment. We are indeed convinced that it is essential to know the history of what we are wearing.

TAG NFC detail on caramel-coloured shirt

Sustainability of the production process

Every MONOBI manufacturing process tells and guarantees a fully certified story: by weaving and knitting excellent Superior Pima cotton fibre materials, by using GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton, up to GRS (Global Recycle Standard) recycled materials, we ensure the perfect balance between quality and sustainability of the production chain.


The future of fashion is trackable: our new Track Your Future garments are waiting for you.