The high quality herringbone fabric of our Cargo Pants

Indulge in the luxury of wearing high-quality fabrics

Our Herringbone Cargo trousers are a tangible example of the perfect combination between timeless style and comfort. These trousers fit effortlessly into any context, they are an essential piece of any wardrobe. 

Model wearing ochre cargo pants and green t-shirt

Naturale, ocra e verde rana: the three colour variants

They exist in three different colours: naturale, ocra and verde rana. Thanks to their three colour tones and to their contemporary style, these trousers fit perfectly into an everyday relaxed scenario. The large double-entry side pockets give the garment a touch of sophistication.

Three pairs of hanging cargo pants in three different colours: ochre, frog green and natural

Linen and organic cotton

The fabric is a chevron in linen and organic cotton with a marked and deliberately irregular weaving. While the composition has a summer character, its weight makes this fabric compatible with more or less all seasons and latitudes.

Detail of the MONOBI label on the ochre cargo pants

Traceability and Digital Product Passport

Like every garment belonging to the Track Your Future collection, the Herringbone Cargo come with a NFC TAG readable via any mobile device. By scanning it you will access the Digital Product Passport, where it will be possible to get to know the whole workmanship and realization path of the garment, as well as information about its composition and care, repair and recycling.
Detail of the belt loop and buckle of the natural cargo pants

Discover our Herringbone Cargo pants in all three different colours and immerse yourself in the Digital Product Passport.