Closing the loop

Circularity, to renew rather than to discard

A conscious approach to fashion, considering every aspect of the textile and garments journey, from production deadstock to a garment’s end-of-life.

Recycling process of a finished garment to produce new fiber for a new garment

Closing the loop of production and in return significantly reducing waste that would otherwise contribute to pollution.

Our approach to circularity offers the possibility to close the loop with any MONOBI garment regardless of the fiber content once it has reached its end-of-life with you.

Recycling process of a finished garment to produce a bag

Through the Recycle and Reuse Program, MONOBI offers the opportunity to recover your post-consumer garments and continue their journey. Transforming your garments back into their fibrous state and are then given the opportunity to be remade anew, closing the loop.

detail of MONOBI bag

Circularity reimagines what the fashion industry and our world can be. By adapting this ingenious idea, we are pushing fashion into the future, encouraging creative solutions, and supporting passionate people to challenge how we can continue to grow and make the world a little better in the process.

For more information about Recycle and Reuse Program click HERE.