The perfect suit for your comfort

Versatility and comfort

Comfortable, versatile and suitable for your everyday life, read more about the styles Fresh Dye Sweatshirt and Fresh Dye Sweatpants and discover all their color variants.

Model wears the Fresh dye sweatshirt color ocra
Model wears Fresh Dye Sweatpants color blu

Sweatshirt and shorts

The outfit consists of a long-sleeved sweatshirt and a pair of shorts, made of a cotton-linen blend fabric, which guarantees maximum comfort and breathability for the skin, especially during warmer days. Both pieces are garment dyed, meaning that the garments are dyed as soon as they are made; with this technique, the color of the garment will be more "dusted" and "washed" looking.

model wears Fresh Dye Sweatshirt color verde
model wears Fresh Dye Sweatpants color sabbia

Composition and hand-feel of the fabric

In these two styles, the strength and freshness of linen are combined with the softness and breathability of cotton. The presence of linen fiber gives a "rawer" hand, although not too stiff. In fact, linen is indeed a fiber of cellulosic origin, which also has in its composition a high percentage of lignin, a polymer found in the stem of the plant from which the fiber is obtained.

sleeve detail of Fresh Dye Sweatshirt color blu

The Sweatshirt: Fresh Dye Sweatshirt

The Fresh Dye Sweatshirt is a comfortable long-sleeved sweatshirt with a loose fit. The plush linen and cotton blend yarn fabric from which it is made has a raw, dry and extremely cool hand-feel. The sweatshirt is available in as many as five different colors, from more classic ones such as sabbia, polvere and grigio scuro, to more unusual colors such as verde and giallo.

sleeve detail of Fresh Dye Sweatshirt color ocra
Collar and MONOBI label details of Fresh Dye Sweatshirt color sabbia

Shorts: Fresh Dye Sweatpants

The Fresh Dye Sweatpants, made of the same fabric as the sweatshirt, have the special feature of having the perimeter edging in a contrasting color and technical yarn, compared to the rest of the fabric of the shorts. Fresh Dye Sweatpants are designed to provide maximum freedom of movement.

Zip and pocket details of Fresh Dye Sweatpants color grigio
drawstring detail of Fresh Dye Sweatpants color blu

The two pieces made in sabbia, grigio scuro and polvere colors are perfectly matchable and usable in the same outfit. However, the garments are also combinable with each other in different colors and can be combined with any other garment from the MONOBI Track Your Future collection.

An NFC Tag for Product Digital Passport

Like every garment in the Track Your Future collection, the two Fresh Dye styles also have sewn on the back their NFC tag that can be scanned through any mobile device. Scanning it gives access to the Digital Product Passport, a landing page dedicated to the garment's production chain, its care and composition, and finally the garment's recycling and reusability program.

NFC tag detail of Fresh Dye Sweatpants color sabbia