Supima organic cotton Polo and T-shirt

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This is not a simple t-shirt or even a common polo shirt, our styles called Superior Pima are sustainable and original, thanks to their fabric composition and special design.

model wears superior pima t-shirt colour kiwi
model wears superior pima polo colour nero

Supima American Organic Cotton

Suitable for both everyday life and formal occasions, Superior Pima styles are named after the raw material from which they are made, namely American organic Supima cotton, a very fine fiber unique among the cottons. Supima cotton is longer, stronger and softer than ordinary cotton fiber setting it apart from other cottons.

American supima cotton field

The polo shirt: the Superior Pima Polo

Suitable for wearing anytime, anywhere, our polo shirt is made of Supima organic cotton yarn that gives the garment a dry hand feel as well as a very clean and compact appearance. Along the sides of the polo shirt, there are elastic inserts built into the knit that add a touch of innovation and originality to the garment.

collar and buttons details of Superior Pima Polo shirt

The t-shirt: the Superior Pima T-shirt

A simple t-shirt but with a renewed look, thanks to the precious details of the knitted fabric, which add a special touch to this seemingly simple t-shirt.

collar and label details of Superior Pima t-shirt

Characteristics and performance of Supima cotton

Supima cotton is grown in the United States of America in the West and Southwestern states. Despite immense American plantations, Supima cotton accounts for only 1% of all the cotton fiber grown globally. Its peculiar length and fineness, greater than those of ordinary cottons, give the yarn and additionally the fabric greater strength, softness and ability to absorb dyes during dyeing.

American supima cotton fiber

An NFC tag to access the Product Digital Passport

As the name of the collection to which these two styles belong (Track Your Future) also says, each garment is fully traceable, thanks to the presence of the NFC tag sewn on the back. The tag can be scanned through any mobile device and gives access to the Digital Product Passport. This is a web page that contains information about the garment's production process, as well as information regarding care, composition, recycling and reusability.

NFC tag detail of Superior Pima t-shirt