Re-experience timeless elegance with MONOBI denim pieces

All MONOBI denim garments

Denim garments are ideal when it comes to comfort and versatility. MONOBI Track Your Future collection includes no less than two pants styles and a shirt made of denim fabric, ready to be combined with a large number of other styles.
Model in wooden frame wearing denim shirt and pants

High quality denim shirt and denim pants

The Terse Denim Shirt and the Terse Denim Pants create an outfit that turns back the hands of time and returns, more or less, to the origins of denim. In the past, garments were in fact the result of ring spinning machines, very slow mechanical looms and tailoring processes carried out with specific machineries. These procedures were time-consuming and left no room for compromise, resulting into a high quality garment.
waist and button detail of the MONOBI denim trousers

Supima cotton for reduced environmental impact

Both pieces are versatile and therefore spendable anytime: the five-pocket denim pants are classic, both in their silhouette and colour, as the shirt, which is now a standard in any work environment. The fabric is a pure Supima organic cotton with indigo-dyed warp. This quality guarantees low environmental impact and the absence of pesticides in the cultivation of the fibre, making the garment allergen-free.
MONOBI denim shirt sleeve button detail

Two denim pants unique in their colours

The Raw Selvage Denim pants on the other hand have two peculiar colours: Naturale and Indigo. The distinctive feature of the Natural colour lies in the yarn which does not encounter any dyeing process, remaining a raw denim fabric with the peculiar "impurities" of the undyed yarn. The Indigo colour, on the other hand, undergoes a completely natural dyeing process, therefore subject to the physiological degradation of the colour over time, thanks to the absence of fixing chemicals.

waist and pocket detail of the trousers in natural denim MONOBI
waist and pocket detail of MONOBI indigo denim trousers

The digital product passport also for denim

All denim garments are part of the Track Your Future collection and therefore have their own NFC tag sewn on the back. By bringing your mobile device close to the tag and exploiting the NFC technology, you may access the Digital Product Passport, where you can find information about the steps of the production chain of the garment, as well as information regarding its composition and care and finally its reparability and its recycling.

detail of the NFC tag stitched on the bottom of the MONOBI denim shirt
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