A capsule entirely made of paper: KAMI Paper Capsule

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Paper as raw material

Kami Paper Capsule is just the first in a long series of future innovations from MONOBI. A big step forward for the brand and especially for the future of fashion. In fact, paper is a material with a reduced environmental impact, which is also perfect for making garments with a fresh, light appearance.

origami pants folded as a swan origami

Essential design and high-quality materials

Sustainability and innovation

The capsule consists of six different models, but all united by a single element: paper. The idea behind the KAMI Paper Capsule is perfectly in line with the pillars of the Track Your Future collection and the values of the MONOBI brand: clean lines, high quality materials and complete traceability. This is not an experiment, but a further step towards innovation, as each piece in the capsule tells a story of creativity and commitment to the environment.

model wearing origami outershirt colour blu inchiostro

Japanese Washi Paper

Reduced environmental impact

The composition of each garment in this capsule always contains a percentage of Washi paper from Japan, which gives the garment lightness and is a guaranteed reduced environmental impact. Washi paper fiber is often found in blends with other fibers such as cotton or polyester, which give greater strength to the fabric structure in the garment.
The imperfections on the garment are only apparent: these are not defects, but rather the purity characteristics of the material used to make the garments.

detail of Origami pants colour naturale

Six different styles in Washi Paper

Pants, jacket and t-shirt

MONOBI created six different models for this capsule: a pair of trousers (Origami Pants) and a matching jacket (Origami Outershirt), two more classic T-shirts (Origami Tee), a T-shirt with an embossed pattern (Origami Labyrinth), a pair of half-leg socks (Origami Socks) and finally a bomber jacket (Origami Hybrid). Discover all the items in the KAMI Capsule and fully immerse yourself in the future of sustainable fashion.

Model wearing origami tee colour verde salvia

KAMI colours

All inspired by nature

The choice of colours is not random: the shades are soft, evoking lightness. The verde salvia evokes the freshness of the woods, the blu inchiostro evokes the depth of the ocean and finally the naturale reflects the pure essence of the materials used.

detail of origami hybrid bomber jacket

Paper and traceability: the perfect combination for sustainable garments

The Digital Product Passport of KAMI Paper Capsule

The KAMI capsule garments are not without complete traceability. In fact, each model has its own NFC tag sewn on the back, which can be scanned using a mobile device. Its scan gives access to the Digital Product Passport which includes on one page all the information relating to the garment: the entire production chain, care and composition, reparability, and recycling of the garment.

detail of Origami tee colour naturale

Towards a fashion consciousness

Discover all the KAMI Paper Capsule garments

With an avant-garde vision, we have transformed paper into a versatile and surprising material, resulting in unique designs that embody MONOBI's timeless elegance.
Each garment is designed for those who embrace fashion with awareness, appreciating the beauty of minimalist design and respect for the environment. With our KAMI capsule, we want to inspire positive change, proving that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand.