Recycled materials for the padding of the Compact Shirt

Between a jacket and a shirt

Elevate your wardrobe by choosing the perfect compromise between elegance, comfort and sustainability. Situated somewhere between a shirt and a jacket, our Compact Shirt is perfect for days when the weather is neither too cold nor too hot, thanks to the lightness of its fabric and of its recycled padding.

Certified and recycled materials at the base

The outer fabric made of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton is lightweight and its recycled polyester lining is impalpable to the touch. An important element of the Compact Shirt is also its padding consisting of a high percentage from recycled polyester. By using this recycled fiber, MONOBI dependence on petroleum is greatly reduced. The recycling process consists in the pulverization of polyester fiber from production waste and garments that have reached the end of their lives. By recovering this textile material, MONOBI prevents their dispersion into the environment, thus safeguarding the planet.

compact shirt sleeve detail

Organic cotton yet water repellent

Another peculiarity of the Compact Shirt is that it has a completely water-repellent fabric, thanks to a special fluorine derivative-free finish, which also stands for reduced environmental impact. In terms of design, the Compact Shirt features two double-entry front pockets and snap and double-adjustable cuffs.

Traceability: synonymous with supply chain transparency

The Compact Shirt is part of Track Your Future collection and, like every garment in the collection, has its own NFC tag. By scanning it with a mobile device, it is possible to access the Digital Product Passport, thus discovering the entire supply chain, as well as information about care, composition, reparability and recycling of the garment.