MONOBI commitment towards a more sustainable fashion

Photo of the footprint of TAG MONOBI on soil

On the occasion of World Earth Day on the 22th of April, we are analyzing and improving our commitment towards a more sustainable fashion with a reduced environmental impact. The Dna of MONOBI Track Your Future collection is in fact represented by its traceability and sustainability credentials, core values of a timeless durable collection.

MONOBI garments are “not fashionable”: we explain why

MONOBI garments are not fashionable, or better, they do not follow fashion. If we think about it in fact, every day new fashion trends are born and spread, but they do not last: they have high peaks in sales and then are immediately abandoned. This leads to an overproduction of garments and accessories with one single tragic consequence: textile pollution. MONOBI is against all of this: by producing and offering timeless durable garments, free from any fashion trend, we aim at limiting the "throwaway" attitude, supporting conscious sustainable choices.

tailoring detail of the icy touch ice-colored tshirt

Transparency comes first: discover complete traceability

Each style of Track Your Future collection has its own NFC tag stitched on it, a warranty of the uniqueness of the garment and of its complete traceability. By scanning it with a mobile device, it is possible to access the Digital Product Passport, thus discovering the entire production journey of any product, as well as information about care, composition, reparability and recycling of the garment.

Detail of the tag sewn on the back of the green Icy Touch Tshirt

Certified raw materials and an ethical Made in Italy supply chain

Our way towards sustainability in fashion passes also through the choice of best quality certified organic raw materials, as well as through the warranty of an entirely ethical and vertical integrated Made in Italy supply chain, which is controlled from the very early stages of raw material transformation until the tailoring of the finished garment. Ethics for us doesn’t only include high quality materials and certifications, but also a safe, clean, fresh and stimulating working place where people may work everyday for a more sustainable future of fashion.

American Supima cotton field

I care, I repair: discover our Repair Program

The same commitment towards the quality of the materials and of the working place is reflected in our Repair Program: the chance to walk together towards a more conscious fashion which is distancing itself from the logic of “broken means useless”. Durable high quality garments may in fact be repaired, forever. This is the aim of our Repair Program: helping people to be more careful about the garments they buy and consequently instructing them about how to repair them or helping them send back a garment they are not able to repair by themselves.

Recycling vs throwing it away: the end has not come yet!

Buy it, wear it and throw it away: this smooth operation is the reason why the 85% of textile products produces in the world lies now inside a dump. Our Recycling Program was born to mark a trend inversion. When a garment reaches its end of life, the end has not come yet! Durable high quality garments made of organic materials may in fact be recycled again and again. This is the purpose of our Recycling Program having Be-Redo™ as a partner: encouraging our customers to send back their end-of-life garments, collect them and give them a new life. They may take on a new shape: paper made of recycled fabric, packaging boxes or bags, soundproof materials, furniture materials and many others.

detail of BeRedo bag made of recycled material

Discover all of our environmentally friendly styles and dive into our Track Your Future collection!