Traceable freshness with the Icy Touch Tshirt

Add a touch of traceable freshness to your sustainable summer wardrobe

You know, the t-shirt is a must have inside everyone's wardrobe, but why not to choose a t-shirt that is fully traceable and environmentally sustainable?
Green T-shirt hanging from a tree branch with a hanger

Supima organic cotton: the raw material that makes the difference

Our Icy Touch Tshirt is in fact made of pure American Supima organic cotton, therefore guaranteeing the best sustainable quality as well as reduced environmental impact. This jersey fabric is a cotton crepe with a dry cool hand, ensuring freshness, breathability and a very distinctive “icy touch” during the Spring Summer season.
green t-shirt pocket detail with GOTS cotton certification logo

Discover the journey of your Icy Touch Tshirt thanks to the integrated NFC tag

At the same time, the full and complete traceability of the garment is made explicit thanks to the NFC TAG sewn on the back. By scanning it with a mobile device, it is in fact possible to access the Digital Product Passport and check every single step of the Icy Touch Tshirt traceable supply chain, as well as information about care, composition, reparability and recycling of the garment.
detail of the NFC TAG on the bottom of the blue T-shirt

Classic design, modern details and versatile colours for everyday excellence

The design of the Icy Touch Tshirt is classic, yet enhanced by the breast pocket on the front side, the ribbed collar and the covered stitchings. It is available in three different colour comboes: ghiaccio, blue navy and kiwi. Unique versatile colours suitable for an extra-ordinary everyday life.
detail of the ribbed collar and MONOBI label on the ice-coloured T-shirt
Discover the Icy Touch Tshirt and immerse yourself in its full organic cotton sustainability, while exploring its traceability thanks to the MONOBI Digital Product Passport.